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Ebenezer Homes | Comcast Newsmakers May 21, 2015

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“Volunteers Make the World Go Round”, yep that is my motto as a Director of Volunteers for over 18 years. I had the priviledge to be on Comcast Newsmakers and talk about the value of volunteerism. If you want to be inspired by a group of amazing volunteers, then please watch the video.

Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”




Ebenezer Homes | Comcast Newsmakers.


Comfortably Numb January 26, 2015

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Trapped in this dark insidious hole

The view from my brain is miniscule

Numbed by the horrors of life

To live normally, I am unable; traipsing hard through the muck

Anxiety takes hold and controls my thoughts

Piercing pain from fear grips tight

Hard, fast, twisting life into knots

Rumination is the state of chaos and life

Plummeting down deeper into the void of nothingness

I hang on. BarelyIMG_4000


Love Never Dies January 4, 2015

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StoutLove never dies….. I know this spiritual truth firsthand since my father, who was my most treasured supporter and healing mentor,  proved. I’ll never forget that he died on October 11, 1997. He, my twin sister Linda and I, had made a pact that whoever of us passed into the next realm first, would come back to show that love never dies, it just transforms. We coined our special triad relationship,  “The Three musketeers” as we spent as much quality time together pondering life’s biggest spiritual and philosophical questions. I will always treasure those memories, and especially my father stating that in his lifetime, he had never connected on such a deep level with anyone like he did with my twin sister and I. We could sit for hours discussing what we thought heaven would be like, how we would be greeted by loved ones when we died, and what the celebrations with friends and family who passed on, would look and feel like. My father was an intelligent, genuine, transparent human being who withstood major hardships in his life and transformed them into gold. He was a faithful, deeply spiritual human being who taught me life’s spiritual truths. I knew at a very young age that this magnetic man was a true, gifted healer. He touched those around him so deeply that they still talk about his loving, kind, healing spirit, even after sixteen years of being gone.

It’s never easy losing a parent, but the death of my father seemed so sudden and surreal. It felt like the world as I knew it, ended when he passed away. I was actually in physical and emotional pain and found it hard to breathe. What got me through it was knowing what a blessing it was to have the honor of spending dad’s last hours with him. I had taken the next shift of caring for dad since he had fallen ill. Just the day before he seemed to bounce back and was visited at his home by many friends and relatives that just happened to stop by. God had devised a divine plan for dad’s siblings and friends to see him before he passed.

My dad and sister Linda, had always been extremely close. Dad always knew he could count on her. Not surprisingly, when he fell ill those last days, she was his rock and stayed by his side caring for him. She called me over to relieve her, as she had been there for days and couldn’t see straight. In spiritual hindsight, Linda and I believe, dad knew on some level he was dying. He lovingly knew that Linda could not be there to let him go because of the special bond they shared.

As I turned into my fathers condominium driveway to take care of dad,  I noticed ambulance lights flashing right outside his front door. My heart sank as I entered his home and witnessed paramedics lifting his tiny, frail frame onto a gurney. I automatically recited my father’s favorite prayers over him. I asked that his angels, holy Saints, and Father in Heaven that he adored, to bring him peace and comfort according to Gods will. As I rubbed his arms and continued passionate prayers, I saw him go unconscious. As he laid in the back of the ambulance, the paramedics told me they thought they lost him. I prayed the Hail Mary, knowing it would bring great peace and comfort to him, as dad had a strong devotion to her since he was a young boy. As I prayed, my fathers body lifted. He rose up and reached out his hand toward the heavens. As fast as dad lifted, he laid back down in utter serenity and calm. The paramedics and I had witnessed a great miracle and blessing that day. I knew on a deep level that my father was being greeted by his late wife; my mother. Next thing I remember, the paramedics shouted for me to move from the back of the ambulance to the front, so the medical team could work to revive him.

Not long after reaching the hospital, I sat in silence and prayed. I felt a powerful surge of joy and energy cradle me. It was the familiar, loving essence of my dear father. I knew instantly dad had passed and this was his way of saying goodbye. Seconds later, the doctor came out and told me what I already knew; my father had died. I’ll never forget the time dad’s life on earth was over, it was 2:22. This number reveals itself to me and my family members often. We know it’s dad letting us know he’s around.

Meanwhile, at my home where my now ex husband and son Jacob were (he was only one year and 2 months at the time ) –  this is the story that was unfolding; Jacob was in his crib looking up and putting his hand out reaching for something. Baby Jacob kept saying, “Papa Up, Papa up.” My husband at the time had no idea my father had passed. Later that week, many spiritual episodes occurred where I would pull Jacob out of his crib because he was reaching for what I now knew, was his grandpa who had passed. He continued to repeat the same mantra, ” Papa up, Papa Up.” When I would take him out of his crib, he would turn his head around the corner wall of his room, giggling and running down the hallway playing tag with grandpa. I had no doubt Jacob could see him, so I just kept talking to dad like I always did. Jacob’s joyous giggles as he played tag with my father, only strengthened my belief that our love never dies, it only transforms.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. John 14:1-3


Life Lessons November 30, 2014

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Smile, even if your not happy

Make it a point to bless all in your wake

Swing like you did as a child

Say your sorry when your wrong                          

Dance in the rain

Say I love you to your kids each time you speak to them

Buy the doll you adored as a child

Keep the kid in you alive and well

Learn something new each day

Write because the process is healing

Love your work

Follow your bliss

Do sidewalk chalk on your driveway

Be present in each moment

Thank God daily for your blessings

See the good in everyone


Plant seeds of healing wherever you go

Do a good deed

Write a thank you note to one of your past teachers

Set your intention for everything you do for the highest good of all

Don’t gossip

Take the high road





Be honest with your self and others


Let go of those people in your life that bring you down

Speak your truth

Seek support when your hurting

Love yourself

Buy yourself a gift

Take a bath, light a candle and play calming music

Listen to music that inspires you

Hold love in your heart

Be a peace keeper

Live your values

Role model peace

Buy yourself flowers

Know that all feelings are OK

Don’t judge


Talk out your pain lest it take over you

It is ok to ask for help, it means your strong not weak

Hug a baby

Cuddle a pet

Live a life of integrity

Catch snow on your tongue

Don’t stay in the place of anger

Learn to let go

Know that life is a river with highs and lows, it is how we react to change that matters

In the hardest times, know that someone else always has it worse

By God’s grace



Thanksgiving Thoughts Casserole November 28, 2014

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tx table


Thoughts of gratitude roll through my psyche

Thanksgivings past, present, future

Smells wafting, aroma’s and emotions pure

Evolving  dynamics sift

Family stories, secrets, horrors and joys, pound hard in the air

Bringing up emotions raw, that to bid close, may crush ones soul

Healing energies stir and mix in the celebrations wake

Collective trauma Pile high and melt into present day calm and forgiveness

Sprigs of shame, guilt and sadness hide under canopies of healing

New healthy ingredients are folded into childhood scars

Smiles brew where tears once stained

The dish is served and grated with a dose of reality, sprinkled with harmony, peace and gratitude.

The family casserole is imperfectly topped with joy, love and connectedness.


Sick Woman Healed November 10, 2014

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Knock- Knock- Knock…..I was just finishing up a prayer vigil for my next client. I thanked God for the gift I’ve been given, then opened the door.  I prayed for my client’s highest good, as I do for each soul the Lord sends me.  Even after 25 years of being of service for the Lord, I still get nervous like a child waiting for the school bus. Once I begin laying my hands on those who come for a healing, I soon find peace through the Lord’s guidance and love.

She stood at my door step; hands shaking- looking unsure and frightened. “Don’t be nervous” I assured her. “God is the healer and I’m honored to be the vehicle.”  As I explained when you called, between you praying for his highest good for your healing and my three day prayer vigil, I will be led in the direction your body and soul desires.

Soothing music played in the background of my living room where the healing would take place. “Cindy, Please come in and take a seat. I would like to discuss what a healing is and what you can expect  before we begin.  I want you to feel safe and comfortable.   This first part of your healing is where I’ll  answer any of your questions and do some education. I’d like to start by stating that,most of us living in the physical realm aren’t used to the higher vibrations and energies that can be felt during a healing session. You may sleep very hard tonight after being in the energy of the divine. The pure love energy of the Lord will flow through my hands. You may or may not feel the heat come from my hands. I am not in control, the divine is, so I do what my spiritual mentor taught me and say yes to the calling ‘to be of service’.

After twenty minutes of spiritual discussion, she was ready to get up on the healing table. I prayed over her and asked the Lord to heal this woman for her highest good. My hands were being primarily directed over her lungs. I listened, prayed and just continued to lay my hands over Cindy until I was told her healing was complete.

After the healing, Cindy told me she felt intense heat from my hands, like that of a curling iron. I explained that the phenomenon was the purity of divine love. It was this energy that healed those that came to see me. Cindy’s eyes grew wide as she shared she’d been struggling with a serious lung infection, which was the reason she contacted me for a healing.  “Cindy, this is how a healing works. Now I see why I was told to keep my hands on and near your lungs. How are you feeling now?” Weeping, Cindy shared it was the first time in weeks her lungs felt clear and she could breath with ease.



Armoured-Hard & Gushy Inside September 11, 2013

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One of the many things I appreciate when I go to recovery centers and train on Family Violence is the womens’ fight to stay sober. The strength I see in them makes me believe whole-heartedly that the human spirit cannot be broken easily. Most of the women that enter treatment come, because of  hard core drugs such as Meth and others. I have trained and spoken to women in recovery for 22 years now and see the debilitating results that the latest drugs and addiction has caused in their lives.

Let me share a story from a time recently that I spoke to one of these groups. I spoke and trained to 11 women. One of the women could be described as hard, brazen, guarded, aloof and disrespectful. Well, it was not the first time I saw this behavior believe me.

Here is the beauty of this story. Let’s call this woman Dusty. Dusty shared her painful stories of abuse with the group. She shared harrowing ordeals of too many incidents of abuse by her own husband that almost left her for dead. In the end of the two day session, she was like a butterfly. She morphed into one of the bravest, most honest and open person.  I saw her for who she was beyond the horror. She was a beautiful creature that transformed from the pain and abuse. She is a daring courageous woman healing just perfectly.

Thanks for teaching me Dusty that the spirit fights to survive at all odds.



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